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One centralized platform to network, buy/sell or finance buildings, and grow pipeline
Real-time data and insights to inform investment strategy and capital allocation policy
Access thousands of dealmakers and manage deal lifecycle from sourcing to close
Monitor broker activity and enhance team and stakeholder deal collaboration
Receive real-time alerts and deal updates from any device

Time Is Money,
We Save Both

The transaction process for buying, selling, and financing commercial property is highly analogue. Most deal-related data is collected by third-party intermediaries in offline channels, with disconnected spreadsheets, emails, handshakes, and other manual processes continuing to dominate workflows…Revere fixes that.

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How the world’s leading owners use Revere to power their organizations.

One-Stop-Shop CRE Platform

Verified professional network, deal marketplace, and transaction management all in one

Quickly identify, research, and compare 500+ qualified brokers, lenders, JV equity partners, and buyers all on Revere
Access thousands of key decision makers, investment profiles, capital stack solutions and contact info
Inquire directly to thousands of GPs and LPs about off-market opportunities
Leverage in app marketing and deal outreach functionality for single assets, portfolios, and or funds

A Single Source of Truth

Empowering data-driven decision making across your organization

Access critical capital markets information and equip your team with crucial insights and competitive efficiencies
Leverage vast amounts of information on people, companies, and transactions for a contextualized view of whats happening and why it matters
Gain a holistic view of your entire capital markets activity in one place and filter by property type, location, transaction size, and more
Instantly create reports, monitor benchmarks, track, and optimize performance

Speed and Transparency

Accelerate time to market, focus on what matters, retain flexibility and control

Centralizing documents, deal and portfolio level data, and workflows allow you to visualize everything in one place and bring deals to market faster
Connect people, processes, and data across the deal lifecycle
Collaborate with deal partners and brokers in real time to streamline negotiations, mitigate the risk of disputes, and expedite closings
Efficiently manage and record all project correspondence in one place and hold all counterparties accountable

Real-Time Market Insights and Deal Tracking

Track deals or your portfolio level activity within a centralized system

A powerful deal marketing and transaction management system built around privacy, customization, control, and seller confidentiality
Capture, track, and quantify buyer interest to see how brokers drive demand, convert signed CAs into property tours, and closed deals
Deal management tools help automate CA redlining, tour scheduling, aggregating pass reasons, and term sheet submittal

Certainty of Execution

You own the real estate, you should control the process

Standardize brokerage workflows and deal reporting across mid-market and enterprise level firms
Gain instant visibility into your broker led debt, equity, and or investment sales processes and marketing performance
1st party data help you understand deal criteria, transaction experience, responsiveness, and reputation of counter parties on the Revere platform
Unlike public deal listing sites, Revere members retain total control and confidentiality over whom, how, and when they approach lenders and LPs

See what industry leaders say about Revere

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"I was both surprised and impressed with how robust the tool is - especially as it relates to direct outreach, analytics, tracking, and customization. I didn’t see a detail that Revere CRE missed, which is very impressive and not an easy challenge to tackle. Revere fills a major void that has existed for a long time in the CRE industry."
Sean Lyons
Partner at Triad Real Estate Partners
"The increasingly competitive and complex CRE industry requires world class execution. Revere CRE gives me the visibility and controls I need to effectively drive a pipeline of opportunities. From sourcing, through diligence, closing and beyond, Revere puts the information I need at my fingertips."
Carlos Rodriguez
President & Chief Operating Officer at Driftwood Capital
“Revere is an essential component of our acquisitions, capital markets, and investment management platform. The inefficiencies associated with dealmaking have been persistent pain points across our entire $10 billion portfolio and we believe this represents the future for how deals are executed.”
Clyde Holland
Chief Executive Officer at Holland Partner Group