Coppins Well 

236-Unit High Rise 

Seattle, WA 

Property Type: Multifamily 

Deal Type: Acquisition 

Risk Profile: Value-Add 


Founded in 2001, Holland Partner Group (“HPG”) is a fully-integrated real estate investment company, with over 750 team members and a $10 billion multifamily portfolio in the Western United States. 

Led by talented professionals seasoned in all phases of the development and construction of mixed-use properties, including residential, office, parking garages, and retail assets, we endeavor to create residential and commercial projects that meet the highest standards in terms of quality, value creation, and innovation. 

"Revere has become must-have tech for our capital markets business. Dealmaking inefficiencies have been persistent pain points across our $10 billion portfolio and this represents the future for how our deals are executed.” 

— Clyde Holland 


Inefficient Sale Process

Today, enterprise brokerages use 6+ solutions to execute a deal (namely, LinkedIn, CoStar, RCM, Salesforce, Dropbox, Excel, Outlook) HPG’s deal and capital markets data existed in disconnected spreadsheets, emails, and hard drives.

Long Deal Cycles

HPG could wait a month post deal launch for feedback from their 3rd party brokers. It was difficult to track what was going on across the portfolio and meetings were heavy on status updates and light on deal execution and finding the next deal.

Marketing Performance Visibility

When working with brokers, HPG was tracking down deal updates from multiple spreadsheets and sources to centralize into a single portfolio view. Various versions of marketing reports and offer summaries from brokers needed to be centralized and standardized.


Single Source of Truth

By centralizing documents, data, and workflows, now have everything they need in one place to bring new deals to market faster while gaining instant visibility into their broker sales and marketing performance.

Faster Deals

Real-time updates and automation allow instant access to all the deal, buyer, and capital markets info they need to make smart management decisions – all while maintaining the highest data security standards.

Real-Time Marketing Insights

Full visibility on how 3rd party brokers drive demand, convert signed CAs into property tours, and close deals. CA redlining, tour scheduling, aggregating pass reasons, and term sheet submittal help streamline the buy/sell process with greater speed, transparency, and accountability.


Revere’s network participant data doubled the size of the deal distribution list and allowed the team to capture notes, share data and generate reporting all in one standardized platform.

By capturing all bids and property tour details, the brokerage can now leverage this information on the next deal to prioritize groups who are serious buyers and not just fishing for information. With more deals, any group will be able to leverage Revere’s predictive insights to supercharge transaction velocity by focusing on serious and reputable actors who value speed and integrity.

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